Aging Skin? Here are 6 Signs

Most young women would be worried when their skin was beginning to look wrinkled. Moreover, if the age is still young but her face looked old. Of course they were confused and tried various ways to overcome this problem. Based on recent research that has been done Procter & Gamble, there are more than 6,000 women around the world who had aging. Maybe you are one of the women who have this skin aging disorder. To helping in ascertaining whether you belong to one woman who had skin aging, here are six signs of skin aging:

  1. Smooth lines and wrinkles on the skin 
  2. Appears black spots on the skin
  3. The skin becomes dry and rough  
  4. A change in the face of the skin becomes darker  
  5. The skin pores become larger 
  6. A drop in skin elasticity 
Picture 2a. An example of changes in the facial skin

However, in principle, earlier skin aging caused by two factors, ie intrinsic and extrinsic factors
Intrinsic factor is more influenced by age and genetics. This factor is sooner or later be experienced by all people without exception. Therefore, depending on how each person can slow down this process. Intrinsic factor is usually determined by the characteristics, the skin loses moisture and elasticity because of the elasticity of the skin and the skin's ability to hold water is reduced. 

The extrinsic factors, this factor can be traced from the influence of the environment (pollution, cigarettes, and cosmetics), illness (infection, stress, tumors and metabolic) and an unbalanced diet. Nevertheless these extrinsic factors can be controlled by all means and efforts.

As an example of environmental factors that occur from ultra violet rays (UV) which can cause damage to the skin. Frequent exposure to UV light, the skin will look slightly reddish and there are patches.

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