Find The Right Domain Name for Optimization Blog

According to the opinion of some people who have long engaged in the world of blogging, domain name it can affect the traffic of visitors. That is, the domain name may be describing the entire contents (content) website will have a better position on search engines. If the blog we have a strategic position in the search engine would be flooded with visitors of our blog.

I did not realize that the motion picture blog that I manage it turned out to have a strategic position for some keywords, especially those related to the word picture. For example, this blog is second to search for the word 'fish pictures'. And for the keyword 'pictures of fish' in the google search the number of competitors've reached 87 millions. So I think that domain names are able to influence the optimization keywords on search engines.

Learning from this experience, should not the article I wrote was always associated with the word picture. Because there is likely to be optimized in search engines. But unfortunately this new idea I found today. And I was already posting hundreds of articles on this blog without contact with said images.

Do I need to delete all articles that are not related to the word pictures in this blog? Are search engines and will hate and dump my blog because the domain name does not match the content? It seems I do not need to make changes to the content of this blog, which had already let .... The next important I do not repeat the same mistakes.

This error will not happen on my new blog. Because sebetar again I would give birth to a new blog dot com domain name and hosting will be rented my work seriously. In this new blog, I am committed to providing articles that are always associated with the domain name. If I've set a domain name then the content of the blog should not deviate far from the domain name. I'm not going to discuss about the law if it turns out my domain name themed music.

Frankly, until this moment I am still having trouble finding the right domain name for the new blog. Because for me a good domain name and the right will be preferred search engine. So I'm not disappointed because the one in choosing a domain name. Well, there is a reply to help me by giving tips or opinions please on the post in the comments box.

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