Hayden Panettiere Bugil

Bugil_hayden_panettiereHayden Panettiere convince the fans that they will see in the film I LOVE YOU, Beth Cooper is actually a naked (bugil) himself. Actress beautiful new age of 19 years that this is no indirection is a camera in the scene.

"I'm really naked-bugil . There is a flower placed on my breast, only that," said Hayden ensure that no double or tight clothing he was wearing. Furthermore, Hayden also confessed that her parents no objection at all with this decision Hayden.

"My father called me exhibitionist. He always said, 'Since you are small is always so exhibitionist!'," Hayden said as made ContactMusic.

Although not object to removing clothes in front of the camera, Hayden confess that it does not mean that the public will know everything about himself. "I really do not have a problem with my body and I do not object to run without clothes, but there are certain things that all people may not know," she said then.

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