Ciara was Chagrined to Photo Naked on Vibe

ciara_bglAppear naked, so the new trend among celebrities to push up a success. But the maneuver promo pose bugil with Ciara in Vibe magazine, even bear of sorts for him. Singer accuse this editor to replace the photos with sexy photos showing naked.

R & B stars make this shooting for the music magazine in the October 2008 edition. Magazine cover in this image is visible in the squat bugil. But Ciara magazine boss claims not to use the photos you have them agree. And he does not feel comfortable with the picture of himself by in the magazine. Now he will no longer decide open-open shirt in front of the camera.

In an interview with the New York Post it is said, "Photo is actually proud of myself that with my body. And the changes indicate that there is, but does not run as planned. Experience is not like that kuyakini will kudapatkan."

"The images that are not there photos taken. Not only that, but not like that should happen - more, even change something so that should not. But you really can not control everything, so you just have to continue," added.

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