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"Disorders that commonly occur in women during the menstrual period is not for some time. This is called amenorrhea. Disturbance at the time of menstruation is still considered normal, when the interruption occurred during the first two years after the first two years after the first period. That is, if a woman experiencing the first period at age 11 years, until the age of 13 years still does not haidnya regularly. However, if after 13 years of age still do not menstruate regularly, he is experiencing menstrual disturbances "- quoted from Okezone

What is amenorrhea?

Definition of amenorrhea is a period that should occur in the female teenagers, young girls, women and productive adults-not-occur.

There are two types of amenorrhea, primary amenorrhea and the secondary amenorrhea. Primary Amenorrhea occurs when menstruation has never occurred until the age of 16. Each woman 'young girls' experiences have a different first period. Most of the girls aged 12 years has been the curse, there is a new 13 year period, but there are also some of the girls aged less than 11 years have experienced menstruation. Well, if 16 years until after you have not also experienced bleeding, that means the condition of primary amenorrhea are you experienced.

Secondary Amenorrhea occurs when menstruation has started and continues as normal 'menstrual cycle normal' but has stopped. If more than 3 month period does not happen again to you, when it should occur, you are probably experiencing secondary amenorrhea. Example cases of secondary amenorrhea occurs in women 'adult-productive' lactational namely amenorrhea. Amenorhhea lactational are types of secondary amenorrhea that occurs during breastfeeding. However, some women would use the lactational amenorrhea as a contraceptive. It seems that this method is more effective for family planning, which only takes place during the first six months of exclusive breastfeeding.

Amenorrhea is also known as: the end of menstruation period, failed menstruasi, and late period

Common spelling of frequently used, among other amenerha, amerhia, amenerhia.

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