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Whatever the nickname used by other people against you, as gadis who want to live the maximum you should need to know some important notes that will be me describe. As gadis we need to learn and explore how best to take your life to the pattern maximum.

We as gadis should always try to reflect the modern image of themselves without forgetting the history of-origin gadis. Should we as gadis should be wise not only participate in follow-up flow-modern without respect weary toil of the gadis in the past. The gadis have been doing the past movement to fight for their rights. Indirectly we have been enjoying strong business gadis predecessor.

If the past gadis have been able to create history, why do not we? Creating history does not need to make anti-war movement, or movement of gadis in large-scale. We can start from teaching, writing, research, or conducting activities that are useful for many people.

Whether gadis work outside the usual or gadis with great style of life now?

Being Extraordinary Gadis in Employment Home

A gadis never finished out of work. And although women have a job outside the home but the task of homework done by gadis is still wise. 1999-a survey from house to house, reported that 87% of gadis trim the bed, while only 4% men, besides 67% of gadis make clothes iron, and only 9% of men. Homework routine performed by gadis, whether net-net, shopping, cooking, washing up and the book - and soon after, the work of this kind must be done again.

All your hard work in the home do not get salaries. Because we do not produce goods for sale, but now many gadis who have used the skills for producing products that can be sold. In fact some gadis work in the home is not all bad. Raising and educating children is a job that can create our future. Because we will have pleasure and a great reward if we apply and think that children as a family and community assets.

Extraordinary gadis in the Work and Careers

Since the Second World War, Gadis's work and career is increasing. Since 1995, 71% of Gadis aged 16-59 have been looking for work or, now this part of all employees are women. Gadis began to concentrate on the job. Type of work gadis and men is not the same. Physical work done by gadis is lighter than the men. But there were also gadis who are working in the 'working man'.

Whether gadis can have it all, both the routine tasks and working families? gadis extraordinary gadis and a great will. . . . . . Yes! Because the modern era of gadis really live in two different world, the world of work and the household.

Extraordinary gadis in the Community Solidarity

For many gadis, working in the community in which we live is important. Gadis can also improve the living conditions of the community as solidarity. I think gadis should also take part in the struggle of the people.

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