Katie Holmes Absent in the Oscar

katie_holmes2009Pair celebrity Katie Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise did not appear in the 2009 Oscar ceremony Cup, last week. Apparently the pairing was absent due to fatigue Katie turbulence diet.

Katie currently undergoing diet detoks. Diet is because he traveled and Tom tried to have the second child.

Say because of too impose themselves following the diet, and Katie was weak. Such as future76 quotation from the Daily Mail, Sunday (1/3/2009).

Fortunately business is not Katie futile. "Katie almost successfully eradicate poison-poison from her body," said a source close to both.

Diet makes a woman 30 years of weakness, it is supported by Tom Cruise. Even the diet be based on the belief of the Cruise Scientology.

That the new pair was a child, Suri Cruise. Suri was born 18 April 2006.

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