Anwar Fuadi: The Making Ramal 2012 The Spirit of Resurrection!

anwar_fuady_comNatural phenomenon which is called the predicted storms will occur around 2011-2012. There are some people who claim that it is the The End of the World, but actor Anwar Fuadi not believe that the year come fall.

"It was just a madman who can come express, as man never knows when the occurrence of Resurrection," said Anwar Fuadi. According to Anwar, no one is able to predict things such as the Day of Resurrection, because the incident is only God who menentukannya. Humans can only fancies and just shoot the breeze.

"Although it has been predicted by experts on solar storms, but Menurutku is still a secret," he added. Scientists can predict the occurrence of solar storms, but what is predicted by those not necessarily the case. And even if that happens, the world may not come, who knows God is still an opportunity for people to repent.

Seasoned actors who claim to have been ready to die, this can only instruct, not to consider the phenomenon many people predicted. All the people in this world is only candidate who takes a lot of dead bodies turn to God. And according to Anwar is the most important worship correctly. "No need phenomenon that is important to do with the religious right. Only a lunatic says that 2012 will come," he said while the news that according to him absurd and incompetent is not important.

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