11 Error May be not Done During Travel

Error travel can occur in anyone, even on the rover even the most experienced. discussion forum participants share their experiences about what should and should not be done while in transit.

1. Carefully read the date and time before making a flight booking. "I never book a flight ticket to Peru, a trip that I dream in life. I can be a good price from the Delta, 808 U.S. dollars per person to go home from Washington. Three days after the pay, I new I was aware that the book return tickets on the Sunday night and not Saturday night. Time is the middle of the night made me dizzy. I call Delta, and ask that very time for the return ticket can be changed. They returned, the changes that time will make us have to pay 500 dollars per person. " -emd

Tip: Sometimes, even though you have to check two to three times, you can still be wrong. The airline has a policy that changes the time cheap flights and always be responsive to respond to changes in your flight.

2. Do not rage and check where you sit in the flight. "I have requested a place to sit on the side of the window on the flight from Saigon to Paris, and my ticket is issued with a boarding pass number 9C. Realizing" C "may be not the number on the side of the window, I go back and ask that the number changed. Late! I realize I have been in the previous upgrade to business class flights for a very long, and now with the success has been down again. Women in the check in did not say a few words also, but I did not realize it wrong from the beginning. " Carrabella

3. Never delay a trip to a place that values are down rate. "According to me, is the biggest mistake ... not visit Europe more often when the exchange rate are good!" -dukey

4. Do not cancel your credit cards associated with the booking tickets. "I cancel my credit card because of sorts with its rate increases. Then I felt a new result. Hotel in Paris where we should live, to cancel our reservation." -TravelNut

Tip: Make reservations for all flights, hotels, and cars with only one card only to reduce the number of cards used in your future travel plans. Print all booking beginning and make a note card that you use to order.

5. Consider the weather / season when you visit a place. "I travel around the world after completing my studies. I very busy and not had time to do thorough research on my destination. The biggest surprise I met when I visited the Sidney, Australia, in August and realized it was their winter. I do not bring lots of stuff, only the clothes that fit in a sports bag. I had to use all my clothes to keep warm. I look like when running store watch Evita a beautiful theater that their Broadway style. " -ncounty

7. Do not think any hotel on the beach definitely ok. "How many years ago I planned a holiday to the beach for my girlfriend and me, and book a hotel in the city center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (without conducting previous). Forgiveth Yes, I lie in bed and cry at. A good adjuvant there suggested that we move it to Puerto Plata. He also helped us choose the right bus and get to the other island. " -Suze

Tip: Type the address of your hotel at the Google map to quickly check and see the relationship with your goals.

8. Message is always room for every night you along the way. "I must be very careful when ordering the hotel. More than once we do not have a place stay because I thought," Ok, we'll check out this hotel on the x and check in to the hotel is on the y "without aware that it is make us do not have a place on the night of the stay date x. " -goddesstogo

9. Do not ever think the hotel room rates will not be changed. "Years ago, in a trip to Bangalore, India, I stopped in Paris and lived in a comfortable room at the team hotel in Montparnasse Hotel. I have booked a room at another hotel for my return but the location of the hotel is very close to Airport, Moreover, they agree to store the extra bags that do not need me in India so I decided to cancel my reservation at another hotel. Error great! I think they will impose the same price to me (the price on the internet), and does not check again. In addition to getting a room that bad, they become a burden I almost 100 euros because there are big sporting competition in Paris that night (I do not remember his event). " -Brazilnut

10. Always update your SIM. "I do not renew my driver's license at the time, and car rental places seem to only want to rent a car on the drivers they have a permit! My new birth to 4 weeks ... and such a small detail that it is the last thing that I think ... until I declined! " -miller20621

11. Always carry a good map with you. "I'm so sure where my tendency to ride the bus when in Honolulu. I ended in a narrow area of business on the other islands in the dark night. The driver says this is the end goal and laugh when I tickled him to deliver where indeed I go."

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