Lady In Black, Monica Bellucci

Monica_Bellucci_istBlack clothing is not cracked by age. In addition to neutral, black clothes are used in all suitable occasions. Therefore, the actress Monica Bellucci choose black as the favorite color in berbusana.

Almost in every opportunity, the birth of Italian women are wearing black clothing. Clothing dipakainya black pattern is not straightforward.

Such as when Monica wearing long black coat, plus black pants and sunglasses. He looks like a secret agent in the film. Strap dress of black lace she also used the opportunity in the other.

Mix and match clothes black stars also made 'The Matrix Revolution'. With slick shirt he discounted loose black Pair it with a long black skirt. So that does not look loose, he tied the shirt under the chest. Unique but chic.

For formal events, Monica, of course, choose plain black dress. Model of the shoulder gown that appears to match the body wrap.

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