Beyonce Will Take Approximately One Year to Complete Big Project

Two albums with a different color released in the same time. Approximately a third album that is the definition of this Beyonce. According to him, the album represents one character while the album itself is another representation of his alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Sounds a little personal smell.

It is reported, Beyonce will take approximately one year to complete the 'project the size of the' this. Not less than seventy-track material to be the beginning of this double album before the end are more into the eleven songs. On the first CD of the title I AM ... Beyonce to play with a lot of slow tempo style traditional R & B while in the second CD, entitled SASHA FIERCE nuance switch to become more 'hot'.

Overall, the first CD feels more romantic, soft and mengusung themes that feels very 'private'. Try it out with the song If I Were A Boy didapuk as the song lines. Beyonce in this song seems to want to convey disappointment with the men-berandai suppose if he is a man.

Beyonce Penghayatan feel very strong on the 'side' is. Although he did not try to put on too high vocal technique, but a strong inspiration in the lyrics to the song quite able to track the five-six of them is the result of any posts Beyonce own this feels more 'bite'. Indeed, there is no range in the new songs in this CD. All the songs format standard R & B song, but it is simplicity that is the strength of this first CD.

Unlike the first CD, the second feels more smart with a more modern format. Beat-beat song on the CD is also quite capable of making the body sway. Themes taken up in the lyrics-liriknya also tend to be 'unprincipled' and 'brave' rather than the first CD. Unfortunately beat and lyrics that aggressive this feels a little flat because Beyonce seems not able to present the impression that through sensual tug vokalnya.

In fact the decision to release this album as a double album is a bit risky. That is, the story of the alter ego as if this is only made to cover the marketing tricks only. If, in the songs released this album as a whole without having to have the story of the alter ego though, still only one can distinguish 'two sides' different this.

Apart from that only a marketing trick or basic concept of this album is the case, this album was a performance of the market is good. Released since 12 November 2008, the album is already obtained certification Platinum and Gold in various places including Australia, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and of course in the United States alone. Say, this album even go ten large terlaris album during the year 2008 even though he released a new two-week before the year ends.

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