Phone Mito 228, Stay Comfortable Speaking in The Noise

Technology gadgets that are experiencing extraordinary growth. Now we can talk more comfortable using mobile phones are even in a noisy place. At the time you use the phone talking, vehicle interference, such as sound, the sound noisy engine factory, or rowdy children is not a problem anymore. Even for those who have experienced ganguan pendegaran deaf but not total, can also take advantage of this technology to use the phone talking.

This technology has unique advantages and features efficient. This product was launched by the company to market Mobile Mito series with Mito 228 after the product was meluncurakan phone Mito 300, which can manipulate the vote.

Mito 228 is a technological innovation that can help the user can remain comfortable speaking in a crowded place like dipinggir jalan raya, at a concert, or at the stadium the match ball. Mito 228 sensor so that this work should be more up to you meletakannya in the area around the skull bones. This feature is to provide appropriate solutions to overcome interference sound when using a mobile phone to communicate.

This technology called Micro Vibration Phone, which is hearing a special sensor that can change the dihasilan speaker sound waves into digital. When you need to activate the profile enough nerve Conduction Mode.

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